The Masteradio D120 is an a.c/d.c mains valve radio. It was made in 1949, and has long & medium wavebands reception.
It utilizes the following valves:-
12K8GT, 12K7GT, 12Q7GT, 35L6GT, 35Z4GT.
Although it has a distinctive appearance, its main disadvantage is that it works from a resistive mains lead ("line cord"). These are not really safe to use, and other methods like "Capacitive Droppers", e.t.c may be the only solution.
The later model D120 "Sandown Star" of 1951 had smaller valves and did not require line cord. It is said that when these radios are powered up, the scale lamp gives an eerie effect to the cream coloured cabinet.
I may offer this D120 "Sandown" to others for spares in due course.