Bush DAC10


This popular AC/DC Mains valve radio (lw & mw bands) was made in 1950, 
and was first adopted by the British Wireless for the Blind, for it's ease of
operation. The set has pushbutton switching for both wavebands, and pre-set buttons for required stations.
The only real downfall for the set, is that the loudspeaker is of a non-standard design (like saucer shaped), which makes it difficult to fit replacements of a more standard type, should it go faulty (which it sometimes does !). The loudspeaker does not "lend itself " easy access to repair, either.
However, replacement speakers can be obtained from scrap Philips "DISC JOCKEY" record players, or from old Austin cars, which utilized them with their in-car radio systems, at that time !.
The DAC10 cabinet comes in two parts, which are bolted together at each
corner. Sometimes, the Bush logo is missing from the front of the set. 
A replacement can be obtained from Christmas tree logo wrapping paper !
Valve line up UCH42, UF41, UBC41, UL41, UY41.