Bush VHF61


The Bush VHF61 is an a.c mains valve radio. It has long, medium & v.h.f tuning, and was made in 1956.
The valves utilized in this receiver are as follows:-
ECC85, ECH81, EF89, EF89, EABC80, EL84, EM81, EZ80.
In my receiver, the EM81 T.I required replacement along with its resistor. The retaining spring for the T.I valve had been damaged, so I replaced the spring with a better one.
The l.w ferrite mounted aerial coil was o/c, so I managed to obtain a replacement coil.
The press button wave change switches in the Bush VHF61 can be a problem, and it is quite a "work of art" to gain access to the interior of the receiver for servicing (no service hatch under cabinet). I plan to do some more servicing on the set later.
Generally speaking, I tend to use this radio more than any others, and it tends to be a good working receiver.
Like most radios, the resistors & capacitors require checking & replacing. The two I.F Amplifier valves (EF89) required replacement, as they have a short life.
The dial glass was printing was looking worn on my receiver, but I managed to gain a replacement
The concentric volume & tone knobs (l.h side) can get jammed together. Some talcum powder(!) can be applied behind the volume (centre) knob, and this stops it from jamming on the tone control knob. It works very well indeed!