Champion 836

Champion 784U



The Champion 784U is an a.c/d.c mains Tuned Radio Frequency Receiver, which was made in 1952. It only has one band, hence the medium wave band. It is housed in a small cream bakelite cabinet, which luckily enough has no stress cracks in its top (cream bakelite usually suffers from this problem with heat radiating from ballast resistors).
The valves used in this receiver are:-
6BJ6, 6BH6, 35L6, 35Z4
This receiver was in a bit of a mess when I bought it, the ballast resistor was open circuit (replaced with a more modern type). There were a few resistors and capacitors to replace also.
The lens for the dial scale was missing, but this was resolved by using a lid similar to those used in cotton bud containers. The pointer was also missing, but one was obtained from a scrap radio.
I have a scrap receiver of this design, suitable for spares, if anyone requires parts, please email me?