Cossor 464


COSSOR 464. An a.c mains radio receiver, made in 1946, and employing long, medium & short wave bands.
It has a very attractive cabinet styling. The dial glass is very unusual, as the cursor is designed to travel outside it. In front of the cursor, there is a transparent perspex cover (usually missing). Replacement plastics like these, can usually be obtained from a hobby shop.
The set employs the following valves :- OM10, OM6, OM4, 6V6G, & 6X5G.
I receive many replies about the availability of complete knob sets for this model, or asking for the wavechange knob only (the small inner knob on the r.h side of the set). The wavechange knob usually is found to be fractured or missing. The best advice that I can give to collectors requiring such parts, is to acquire a COSSOR 470 (not so collectible as the 464), and use the knobs from that model, as both use the same type. I have used up my spare COSSOR radio knobs supply.