Marshal Haywood
The Ford E494C 5cwt van was used by my (now late) father, Denis, on his early days as a radio & television engineer with Marshall H.Haywood at Headingley, Leeds 6.
I have many memories of this type of van, when we lived at Lulworth Crescent, Leeds 15. We also used the E494C van to go on holiday to Suffolk - travelling during the night (my brother & I slept in the back of the van, and our mother in the front passenger seat, whilst our dad drove it). We stayed at Pakefield caravan site, near Lowestoft, Suffolk (where we had a holiday with our relatives), and then went to their cottage in Sweffling, Suffolk, and stayed a week there. It was quite an adventure holiday (before the days of motorways)!
The E494C van that we had was two tone colouring - maroon (lower)& cream (upper & gold signwriting)
Mr.Haywood replaced both E83W & E494C vans with the Commer Express Delivery van (8cwt) and the Austin A60 van.

These vans are now very rare, but I was lucky to have met up with the owner of the van pictured, in order to obtain a photo.
Many thanks to Mr Goodall of Garforth.

Austin A60 Van. Our late father had one of these vans for radio & tv servicing work in about 1961/62 era. I remember that the colour on his van was black. It was the last service van that our father had when he worked at Marshall Haywood's of Headingley, Leeds 6, before we left Whitkirk for East Suffolk in 1962.
The gear change in the A60 van was of the column type.
This photo was taken at Crewe Railway works open day 12/09/05
commer express delivery van
This van was similar to that used by my (now late) father when he was a radio & television engineer with Marshall H. Haywood in Headingley, Leeds 6. The colour scheme on the van that he used was light blue. There was also cream/gold signwriting on each side of the van for the company logo.
I remember that the wheel arches over the rear wheels made a good surface to sit on when in the back of the van. He (my dad) would often give us a lift when travelling to Colton school , (in east Leeds) in the early 1960's. He also used it to travel down to Suffolk when we went on holiday to stay with my auntie & uncle at Rendham, near Saxmundham. We also stayed at Pakefield caravan site near Lowestoft, Suffolk.
The van is fairly rare now, with about a couple of working examples in the Midlands and the South East of England. There is another type with a different grille used in Malta.
These vans were built in 1955 by the Rootes Group.
Many thanks to Andy from Lincolnshire who gave me permission to use this photo, which was taken at a vintage transport event in the Sussex area.

Marshall Haywood and Service vans
This was the name and address of the company in Leeds, where my late father, Denis worked as a radio & tv engineer in the days of valve technology. The service depot was based on Barrack Road, off Roundhay Road, Leeds 7. The shop at Headingley is now a charity shop (MIND), whilst the former service depot is long demolished.






FORD E83W 10 c.w.t van. Made in 1950, this van is similar to the one used by my late father when he was a radio
television engineer in the 1950's, and employed at Marshall Haywood, Headingley, Leeds.

This photo was taken at Harewood House Steam Rally, near Leeds, on August Bank Holiday, 2001.