Mc Michael 381

Mc.MICHAEL 381. This large & attractive A.C Mains valve radio was made in 1938. It employs long, medium, & short wave bands. There are provisions for pre-setting favourite stations by push-buttons, which are situated under the loudspeaker aperature.
Tuning can be carried out by two knobs :- (a) the large knob for "course" tuning ; (b) the small knob for "fine" tuning - obviously useful for the short wave band, where stations are "bunched" up together.
There is a pair of copper-plated metal bars across the loudspeaker aperature. These must never be cleaned with metal polish, as this would remove the copper-plating.
The set is housed in a nice wooden cabinet.
The valve line-up consists of :- AC/TH1,  AC/VP2, HL41DD, AC5/PEN, & UU4.
The radio does actually work, but I have not yet inspected the inside of it.