Murphy A104R

Murphy A104


This unusual shaped receiver is quite heavy for it's size. It was made in 1948, and operated on AC Mains only. It employed lw, mw & sw bands. The valve line-up included TH41, VP41, HL41DD, PEN45, & UU6. The small aperture on the r.h side of the dial is for the sw bands only (the main dial being for lw & mw). When the wave-change switch is set to sw bands, the illumination in the main dial is switched off, and a lamp in the aperture is switched on, thus illuminating a scale, which can not normally be seen, and is known as "optical tuning", because the information in this aperture is so miniscule, it has to be viewed via lenses in the set. The sw band can be "fine- tuned". The cord-drive system for the tuner pointer in this set is quite complex, and is not really recommended for beginners.