Murphy A170


MURPHY A170. This large wood cabinet a.c mains valve radio was made in 1950. It employs long, medium, & short wave bands. The manufacturers boast that it has safety precautions built in to it's circuitry, these being, double pole mains switching, a double wound mains transformer, and an earth wire in the mains lead (all precautions against shock from the mains), whilst precautions against fire risk, include a heat operated fuse in the mains input circuit, and another in the H.T circuit to prevent overheating (the second fuse, is a resistor - this becomes o.c if it overheats, thus isolating that part of the circuit that contains the fault).
The valve line-up includes :- 6C9, 6F15, 6LD20, 6M1, 6P25, & UU9.
As you can imagine, this set has excellent sound quality. The 6M1 tuning indicator valve (located in the middle of the dial), gives a brilliant green display.
MURPHY made variations of these receivers, some made in their Welwyn (Hertfordshire, U.K) plant, and some in their Dublin (Eire) plant, with some minor differences.
At present, my set requires attention to the volume control carbon track - the volume will not reduce to zero level.