Philips 170A
The Philips 170A is a large a.c mains valve radio receiver, which was made in 1946, and has long, medium & short wave band reception.
It employs the following valves:-
EF39, ECH35, EF39, EBL31, AZ31, EM34.
It is a short superhet with an r.f amplifier & tuning indicator.
The Philips 170A has many pitch coated capacitors to replace (with modern equivalents), but not many resistors were found to be out of tolerance. The electrolytic capacitors should be replaced, however.
It is a good idea to replace the rubber coated wiring with silicone type insulated wire.
There is also a Mullard radio (wood cabinet) called MAS281 in this style (also made by Philips), but a larger cabinet.
These radios have a stand to place the chassis to make it easier to access the underside of it whilst carrying out repairs.

Philips 170A