Philips 204U


PHILIPS 204U. This popular miniature a.c/d.c mains valve radio was made in Holland in 1941. It employs short and medium wavebands only. The valve line-up includes :- UCH21, UCH21, UBL21, & UY21. It has no scale illumination, only a low voltage neon indicator to show when the power is switched on.
My set had no rectifier valve base - it had been removed by someone previously. I managed to acquire a replacement one, and fit it. Look out for cracks and breaks in the ballast resistor chain (heater dropper circuitry) - as this will render the set inoperative.
I do possess the service manual for this set, which is quite hard to acquire, should anyone have such a receiver that they wish to restore. Do contact me if I can be of help to you for such information ?