Philips 206U

PHILIPS 206A. An a.c mains valve radio, made in 1946,
employing long,medium, & short wavebands.This model was a modification to an earlierset, made in 1941,
which used "side - contact" valves.
The 206A uses an octal base valve series ECH35, EF39, EBL31, AZ31
The EBL31 valve is quite difficult to obtain, nowadays, and usually costing a fair amount of money. One alternative, is to modify the valve base wiring to
accomodate an EL33 valve, with the addition of two semiconductor diodes
(to replace the two thermionic ones inside the EBL31). The PHILIPS 206A
is quite dissapointing, as it requires a lot of renovating, only to find that it does
not receive many stations.

Philips 206A