Philips 310A


PHILIPS 310A. This very attractive a.c mains valve radio, was made in 1952, and employs long, medium & short wave bands. It has a perspex "sunburst" type grille, which is illuminated (when set is switched on), by a lamp bulb, which is situated behind the transparent Philips logo (located under the dial), and this also becomes illuminated. The valves employed, are :- ECH42, EAF42, EBC41, EL41, & EZ40. My receiver suffered from poor sound quality, and although the normal pitch capacitors were found to be "leaky", the real problem turned out to be the EL41 valve. These types tend to have internal "arcing" problems. A replacement valve was in stock, and fitting it solved the problem. The set has an excellent tone control system, which is continuously variable, so that the user can adjust it to his/her own taste. Another oddity in this set, is that when checking out the voltages for the ECH42 valve, the resistor (33 k ohms) that feeds the anode of the oscillator section of this valve, gave de-tuning effects when touched by meter prods. This resistor is of the carbon rod type, and its colour value is read from "body - tip - spot". These resistors are known to give problems - their wire end connections are tightly wound around the carbon rod body, but can give problems when power is applied. I removed the one in my set, and replaced it with an ordinary carbon type. The pin - stripes on the 310A cabinet, were re-touched, using careful applications of "TIPP -EX".