Regentone DP2


One The Regentone DP2 is a small a.c/d.c mains valve radio (long & medium wave band reception), which was made in 1956. It was probably engineered by Plessey (London) with all the other Regentone products, including record players.
There are other versions of the DP2 in a cream colour.
The valves used in these receivers are:-
UCH81, UBF80, UCL83, UY85. I have found that UBF89 works as a good indirect replacement for UBF80!
These radios work very well indeed, not many wax paper/plastic mould seal capacitors to replace, as disc ceramics were in circuit already. However, many resistors were out of tolerance and required replacing with modern types.
I personally like the "fancy trim" metal work on the cabinets, quite stylish!